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All my Microsoft Office 2003 saved .doc and .xls files on my thumb drive show up as .doc.XML and .xls.XML and will not open in LibreOffice.I copied them to My Documents which is a networked directory linked to VirtualBox running Windows 2000 guest with Microsoft Office 2003 installed. All the files in that network folder location have inherited the extensions, they all show up as .doc.XML and .xls.XML. Obviously Microsoft Office doesn't want to touch them now either.If I manually remove the additional .XML suffixes LibreOffice makes an effort to open them, attempts some sort of conversion and fails dismally.How do I get Zorin 5.2 to not add the suffixed extensions, (changing file names) and allow my files to be read by LibreOffice. If Libre fails to be compatible with one or two of the files then I have the Guest OS as a backup, but this problem is common across almost every file.My only guess as to what has happened is a possibility that the .doc and .xls files were once .docx and .xlsx files saved as the older formats in either Office 2007 or Office 2010 and artifacts from the newer version contained within the saved files as confusing the OS.Anyone know what's happening, why and how I can prevent it?

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