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Upon arrival, he was warmly welcomed and Bluehole and executives with EFT Roubles gold, conferences and Ginno game Bluehole team. To his surprise, Ginno game already has a working prototype Battle Royale, but Green has not yet reached an agreement on board. He will return to Ireland and wait.

A month later, Green got another message from Korea. Kim Jong Il and Bluehole executives agree: they want the green movement in the world, and began to supervise what will eventually become PlayerUnknown battlefield.

«This is how they go to Battle Royale mode of things for us, some crazy idea,» Green said. «They are a cool idea, but we bring it back with us in the real sense of PUBGBut back pairing they've got some kind of prototype. Another point is that we spent two years of work, the concept of three months, I began to get something, we can begin to test the game. this is www.lolga.com a very, very fast development process, I've never seen a team, worked harder, basically like this. „