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How to write a college rhetoric assignment? What should I write in my essay? I can write a plan for a debate, write a speech, but I don't know what I should write in an essay about rhetoric as a science. I would be interested to find free samples or detailed tutorials.


Of course, not everyone can write a good and impressive speech, but in order to do this, the basics of crowd psychology are enough for you and how, with the help of emotions, you can persuade the audience to your opinion, but if you always want to write a text for a speech that fits the topic and which will strong, then you need to learn more about rhetoric. For example, here you can read the rhetorical device definition. This will help you understand what rhetoric techniques you can use for «thank you speech», during your debate, and how to get people's attention and create an appropriate atmosphere for the occasion.


This is really the best advice that, honestly, I didn't expect to find here, thanks buddy for the advice. I will try your advice in practice. It seems to me that this is something that can really help me.


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