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If I'm remembering correctly the entire original aim Animal Crossing was to Animal Crossing Bells recreate the feeling of moving to a brand new town irl. Not everyone likes you and you are likely to feel somewhat lonely, but you slowly make your home nicer, you get to know people, and you really begin to love the place you're living in, all.

I clearly remember at the GC version of Animal Crossing I'd one NPC that I really liked (a rooster who had a lot of modern furniture). He decided to move on to bigger and better things daily. I could not stop himhe had his own life to live just like a lot of people that you meet irl. It was kind of sad that I couldn't stop him from leaving my city, but looking back on it I developed a fond memory because of that. As I've gotten older I've also came to understand how true to life that is. Sometimes people just need to move on.

Something I wish they would add is, instead of creatures just not moving away ever if you befriend themthey would keep in touch after they leave. Sending you email about what they are up to, maybe with postcards and presents and stuff. Hell, they could even return later and move back in. The part that bites when animals move outside is they're effectively dead; you seldom if ever hear from them ever again. I recall one of my old villagers at NL showing up at the Caribbean area again while visitjng, but that's about it.

Yeah, it is pretty sad to discover a former villager on a mystery island and they act like you never met before. Like we spoke every day for a month and you left yesterday, why are you pretending you don't know me?

It actually makes me miss showing up on Main Street in New Leaf, which I didn't care for at that moment.

My main problem with decorating my home was not my interest level but the absence of good items in my shop. I have about 100 hours at the game and logged in every day for about 2 months and I do cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items not have anywhere near a complete set of any furniture. It was a never-ending parade of things which didn't match the look or feel of anything I'd purchased inside last week. I also had bad luck with recipes, getting the same ones multiple times every week that helped in restricting my assortment.