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Why do men like plump women? And was not impressed with the slim body like dried shrimp, as most women like, thought that it would be perfect if you want to know! We will explain to you.

1. Bust up
There are many men who like «breasts» and the plumpness of women results in bigger breasts. They don't care how many inches it will add as long as they enjoy playing with it. Women reportedly use those breasts to entertain men.

2. Big Bouncy Butt
In rock 'n' roll history, there has never been a single mention of a fat woman. When we're thin, we might think our fat-free butt is really impressive. But in fact, when it grows larger and round after the weight increases. At first we might think that men are definitely going to run away, but not at all! It looks more beautiful, bouncy, and more lively to the touch. Believe it, there must be more guys to peek at your bouncy butt than at the flattened bottom of the girls.

3. Soft skin
Plump women have a soft body. At the same time a man has a muscular body. And he prefers to hide in the embrace of soft-skinned girls more than girls whose bodies are full of sharp bones.

4. Thighs are free from bruises.
I like fat men for a very important reason… After having sex, men tend to create bruises on my thighs. Emaciated men have always made my sensitive skin bruise and hurt. Because of this, I think men will also like chubby women for this reason.

5. Not afraid of obesity
Men do not like to eat alone when hanging out together because it looks a little weird. If you sit and munch on the salad and finish it for hours before he doesn't finish his steak and potatoes, he will definitely feel the pressure. Boys like chubby girls because they eat with them. And it would feel better than having someone watch him eat

6. Look younger
Men like chubby women because they look younger. It's true that obesity will make the wrinkles disappear. I have been told that I look like a 25 year old girl, despite the fact that I am already 37 because the exaggerated cheeks have helped my face look younger.

7. It symbolizes fertility.
One more reason why men like plump girls, in fact, are pure biological and subconscious. Men see women with enlarged hips and large breasts as good for pregnancy. And even though they are not ready to have children But the truth is, plump women have a flawless character that makes them want to pair with you anyway.

8. Not so fragile and scary.
I used to have a man tell me that he is not so daring to touch or touch me. He wanted to put me on the shelf like a doll. Because I look too fragile But that's when I'm still skinny! Also, when I was skinny, my girlfriend didn't dare to ask to do anything very exciting. For example, having the hottest bizarre sex in the movie fifty shades of gray, he thinks that chubby women can cope better with it.

9. Immortal beauty
Whether it is a statue or an old-fashioned painting, it is often a woman with curvy proportions. From ancient Greece to the Renaissance. A woman with a large figure Thighs have orange skin. And the plump arms are seen as beautiful In addition to being firm and abundant In the past, plump women were women who were wealthy or called wealthy as well.

10. Look like a full woman
I know a lot of men who stop liking thin women because they see their thin figure as a sign of imperfection. Most men see curvature as correlated with motherhood as well as more maturity. Therefore, dating a skinny woman is no longer an attractive option. Plus, they felt like they were dating the same sex. They don't like that feeling at all. While some men like slim women (A little less, believe me), but there are still many people who like plump and overweight women, such as young Italian and Greek. Which I have also met with men who really like women like these. The point is, no one cares about your weight. Some people even think it is a charm. So instead of worrying about losing weight You should be more comfortable with your body. If you are a woman who is slightly overweight Don't be shy Let's go out and proclaim the greatness of the plump woman to the world!

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