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«Nodding to adidas new arrivals debut year, the high-top pair features slightly-yellowed laces and sole units, while mixed-materials ovwerlays throughout the upper deliver contrasting shades of “Cloud White.” Profile 3-Stripes, panels around the ankle and designed-for-basketball outsoles indulge in a rich shade of blue, which appeared on the Superstar earlier in 2020.
Accents, which are simultaneously subtle and eye-catching, are placed via forest green notes that rest across rear treading and rope laces that bunch together at the rear and interweave towards the throat, in addition to a Kermit-esque green suede overlay fastened to both lateral/medial heels. Additionally, a seafoam hue touches on to the toggle-system adidas nite jogger mens shoe strings and spinal mesh panel.
Straight out of the black and white era of 1930s cartoons, the adidas eqt gazelle takes its hybridized tooling and freshens it up in a clean and simple colorway. Allowing much of the design to do the talking, the underlying EQT base is left with a mixture of bleached white mesh sitting adjacent to slightly off-white notes of webbing at the profile Three Stripes logo as well as the accenting components across the heel wrap and lining.
The adidas yung 1 on feet has been delivering chunky, “dad shoe” aesthetics since launching January 2018. Over the last two years, it’s dressed up in the subtle, the loud and everything in-between. And despite proffering a layered construction perfect for a slew of colors, the model’s latest opts for a simple, monochromatic arrangement.