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The 34-year-old says that she always 'dreamed' of playing in the Champions League'I want to maplestory2 mesos keep getting better. I want to help City reach the FA Cup final and the Champions League final.'Lloyd's switch to Manchester has been a smooth transition, with the world's best player contributing the only goal in the first leg of last week's Champions League quarter-final win away against Denmark's Fortuna Hjorring. The capture of Lloyd — who is open to staying beyond her initial three-month switch from Housto


Dash — is seen as hugely significant.Lloyd says she 'dreamed' of playing in the Champions League and revealed City's facilities — which they share with Pep Guardiola's first team — are in 'a world of their own'. These details are significant if women's football in England is to close the gap on the USA. She adds: 'You're now seeing every national team closing the gap on us.'


Lloyd, along with the rest of her national team peers, is at odds with the US Soccer Federation. The world champions allege they are not treated with the same respect as the men — despite the popularity of the women's game across the pond and the incredible success of the women's national team. Carli Lloyd headed the winner as City beat Fortuna Hjorring 1-0 in the Champions League Lloyd (centre) has won back-to-back FIFA World Player of the Year awards The reigning world champions effectively became out of contract players last December, with Lloyd claiming they were treated like 'second-class citizens'.


At the heart of this dispute is equal pay but sub-par standards are not far best of MS2 Mesos behind, the women argue they have done just as much to promote and develop soccer — if not more — than their male counterparts, yet the gulf is widening. This is evidenced by the fact that US women's players get the equivalent of £1,200 for a victory and nothing for a draw or a defeat.