Latest release, fixes and changes for Seditio version 175
Submitted by: Amro   Date: 23-11-14 18:55

After a long work on improving their websites and implement improvements in the distribution Seditio, are pleased to present you to a breakpoint in the form of Build Seditio 175!

List of changes and improvements:

General, Global

  • 3 new skins in the box
  • Introduction of SEF URLs
  • Ajax support in the core
  • Implementing modal windows instead of the standard Popup
  • Maintenance mode
  • Improvements in the installer
  • Improvements in pagination functions
  • Support for https://
  • Canonical urls
  • SEO functionality


  • Improvements in the mechanism of generation of cookies and sessions
  • Coloring user groups


  • Cloning pages
  • The connected simple standalone plugins without a separate template in the body of the page
  • Modal windows for PFS
  • Tabs for forms to add / edit pages
  • SEO: New fields title, meta description, meta keywords
  • In edit mode, the page became possible validation and removal of the publication.

Lists pages

  • New field structure_text - category text


  • Quoting comments


  • CKeditor 4.2.1
  • Skineditor + Codemirror
  • Modification plugin Recentitems
  • Improved in Textboxer2 editor
  • A new type of plugin hook c ajx for AJAX
  • Textboxer 3


  • Saving png transparency when generating thumbnails
  • Built-in viewing images in a modal window
  • introduction tabs


  • introduction tabs


  • Fix bug with quoting posts


  • Correction over 60 different bugs and many minor improvements, look at the tracker and github

Upgrade information sed1xx to sed175 is available here

Download: Seditio 175
Filesize: 2602KB, downloaded 67135 times.

Comments: (80)

1.   Posted by Amro
23-11-14 20:27

In this beta version:

-- Add ajax ratings
-- Documenting the code, creation comments for functions in functions.php, functions.admin.php, database.mysqli.php and etc.
-- Correction of many errors identified in the beta1
-- New hooks in and

2.   Posted by gofgo
15-12-14 15:00

Will there be a step by step update manual? so we can update one file at the time to preserve custom code  ?

3.   Posted by Amro
15-12-14 17:04

Update one file will impossible. Not so simple :) Сhanges affected all scripts Seditio.

First of all, this is due to the introduction of new features, such as sed_url() and etc. functions. 

Have replaced almost all core files. Compatible with most of the old plugins saved.

Already have an automatic database upgrade tool to the latest database Seditio 175 version. You can do everything on the local host. Initially, update the database, run a site on one of the default skins, and then make changes to your old skin and test the old plug-ins.

You can see a short guide on upgrading to version 173. How to update older versions to 175 version will be almost the same.

4.   Posted by Amro
15-12-14 23:44

Posted last third beta version.

This version adds a new plugin Textboxer3.

Closure: bug sed_mail (), a bug with the selection and removal of the default avatars, bug polls (recentitems) mode Ajax.

Updated: installation script, universal tool updates the database structure, improve the plugin Jevix (3 configuration with a set of allowed tags: micro, medium, full).

The official release of the 175 version Seditio slated on 20-21 December!

5.   Posted by Amro
21-12-14 21:37

Available for download a stable release Seditio 175.

Thank you to all who participated in the beta testing!

Congratulations on your coming holidays!

6.   Posted by Amro
22-12-14 20:16

Upgrade information is available here

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