Severity :

Enhancement Very minor Minor Normal Serious Very serious Major Critical Blocker

Status :

Submitted Waiting for validation, for moderator eyes only.
Validated Currently being investigated.
In progress Validated, in progress.
Kept for later Will be fixed in a next version.
Fixed-IR Fixed in an internal release.
Fixed Fixed in the latest public release.
Closed Closed or ignored.

How to report a bug :

The basics: what you did, what you wanted to happen, and what actually happened. Those are the three basic elements of a bug report. You need to tell us exactly what you did, what you expected to have happen, and what actually happened. By telling us what you asked for, what you expected to get, and what you actually got, we don"t have to guess.

Always search the bug database first !

The odds are good that if you've found a problem, someone else has found it, too. If you spend a few minutes of your time making sure that you're not filing a duplicate bug, that's a few more minutes someone can spend helping to fix that bug rather than sorting out duplicate bug reports.

Don't report bugs about old versions.

Every time a new version is released, many bugs are fixed. If you're using a version that is more than 1 revision older than the latest version, you should upgrade to the latest version to make sure the bug you are experiencing still exists.

Only report one problem in each bug report.

If you have encountered two bugs that don't appear to be related, create a new bug report for each one. This makes it easier for different people to help with the different bugs

Use English.

If you were to report a bug in a language other than english, many (if not most) of the people who would otherwise help you won't be able to.