The tags listed here were added in the Seditio release 121
# Tag Block or loop Type TPL Details Ver.
1 PAGE_FILE_NAME - String page.tpl 121
Alphanumerical Letters or numbers
Array Array, use with : {PHP.array.pointer}
Boolean 0 or 1
Composite A mix of several other types
Date Formatted date
Image Image (<img src="..." alt="">)
Input Form input or textarea
Integer Integer, positive or negative
Link A standard link (<a href="...">...</a>)
Level Integer, between 0 and 59
Raw link Raw link (
Alphanumerical String, same as text, but length always inferior to 255
Simple text Text, without quotes or double quotes
Text Text, including special chars
Time Unix timestamp, in seconds
URL URL (, or without "http://")
System Required by the system